Champagne Taste on a Malt Liquor Budget: My Outfits for $50 or Less...

Ladies we all know we dress up to impress each other.. or the Gays. Let's just say I've cultivated a way to look like a million bucks without spending over $50. 

Broadway Boutique
It's true what they say; accessories make the outfit. You don't have to spend tons of $$$ on clothes to look amazing. Invest your money in handbags, shoes, accessories and beauty (hair, skincare and makeup).

Be a savvy shopper:

Check out places like:

Crossroads Trading Center: Great for trading in your old stuff for new; especially if you've significant amount of weight. Designer jeans are pricey! I went from a size 28/29 to a 25/26. (Currently a 26/27; I gained weight...that's another topic)

Nordstrom Rack: Take the time to dig; avoid weekends, it's gets to be a cluster f.

Ebay: Find something you really like and tried it (clothes, sunglasses, and perfume) on already? Check to see if someone is selling the same item on Ebay. I avoid the bidding process and just buy now.

Vintage Boutiques/Expos: Love Love Love these stores/events. My favorites are located in Seattle: Pretty Parlor, Broadway Boutique, and Trendy Wendy. You can find the most amazing outfits for a bargain. The best of all; everything is unique! Vintage sizes are different than today's sizing- find a good alterations place and they can adjust the item to your needs. 

Here are some outfits that SERIOUSLY cost under $50. *The shoes, handbag, extensions, makeup, and accessories are not included*

Broadway Boutiqe

Broadway Boutique
Nicole Miller (Nordstrom Rack)
Free People (CRTC)
Broadway Boutique
Diane von Furstenberg (CRTC)
Arden B (CRTC)
Forever 21
Trendy Wendy
Milly (CRTC)
Broadway Boutique
Pretty Parlor
Forever 21
Target $19.99
Target $19.99
Milly (CRTC)
Vintage Top & Pencil Skirt (Forever 21)
Vintage Cape (CRTC)
Broadway Boutique
Broadway Boutique and H&M
Forever 21

Broadway Boutique or Trendy Wendy (can't remember)
Peace of Us (CRTC)
Broadway Boutique Dress with Nordstrom Rack Bra
Vintage Jacket (CRTC) Skirt (H&M)
Romeo Juliet Couture (CRTC)
Broadway Boutique

 Fabric from an Indian Store that I made into my own creation

Forever 21 & Nordstrom Rack

There are enough images for you to get the picture! If you have questions please feel free to comment below! 
Happy Shopping!  


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